Jamie Maxtone-Graham




(Installation view)

Jamie Maxtone Graham
From the series Lying Down
2 ảnh chụp trong serie Nằm Xuống

The series Lying Down was made in the autumn of 2012.  The young girl pictured in all the photographs is the then 8 year old daughter of the photographer.  She is lying down in places in Hanoi that are very common to the everyday routine of father and daughter – at home, on the way to school, at school, at the swimming pool, near a friend’s house, and so on.  At times it was difficult for her to perform – to lie down in public – and so we would leave and perhaps revisit on another day.  Her act is at once a protest and on the other hand a kind-of sacrifice – the regret of a father raising his dear child in such an environment, in such a world.  For her, it was none of these things; it was just embarrassing.  But we made this body of work together and we sometimes still talk about it.

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